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Did you know that military families stationed overseas can use coupons.Military commissaries overseas accept manufacturer coupons for up to six months after the expiration date.I just adopted two military families to send expired coupons to.As a result, there are entire volunteer groups who send expired coupons to overseas military bases.The following is a list of all American military bases overseas which currently participate in the OCP.

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Since it is difficult for families overseas to find coupons I started the program to help.Check the website whenever you are ready to mail the expired coupons.

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Overseas Coupon Project To Help Military Families. these programs are not offered overseas to military families. so she decide to help by sending expired.If you will Like to send expired and current coupons to military families, you can send them anything you want to, and you do not have to send a certain.August 25, 2009 By jen 1 Comment. Send coupons no more than 2 months expired so they have time to use them.Please give me an address so I can help the overseas military.

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Fortunately, they can use expired coupons at the Commissary (which provides groceries) and at the PX or BX (which is like a department store).They will accept coupons that are up to 6 months past the expiration date.

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Do you have a ton of expired coupons that are just going to the trash.Instead send them to the military and their families who are stationed overseas.

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Send expired coupons to overseas military. 90 likes. Military families stationed overseas can use expired coupons for six months past their expiration.Many military families rely on donated coupons to help offset the expense of living overseas.This gives the people who help at time to sort them out and send them to military families.Sometimes you have coupons you can use and instead of having them expire why not send them overseas to military service men and women.

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Donate expired coupons to. that military families can use expired coupons for up to 6 months. their expired coupons, and she will send them overseas to a.

Donate Donate expired coupons to military families around the world.If you personally know a military family stationed overseas you should send.This will help ensure that the correct type of coupons end in the right place, either at the Commissary or the PX or BX.Coupons can be used on overseas military bases for up to six months past their expiration date.You can send them to military families overseas, who can use them to save money.

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We learn how you can send expired coupons to families on military bases.This is a guide about sending coupons to military families. gives you a list of all the bases and their addresses overseas that accept expired coupons.

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Send expired coupons to: Jenn Strathman is a freelance writer,.

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